STFU: Magical Secrecy in the era of the panopticon

Of the powers of the witch, secrecy has become one of much controversy in an age of constantly documented individuals. I myself live my life largely online, but as I have grown in my practice so too has my appreciation and use of secrecy. The key to this in an era of seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard is not to withhold entirely, but to omit the right things at the right times. As a diviner I have learned the hard way why we do not share everything so blithely with the public. What you intend to share to demonstrate your skill will be used against you by those who steal your secrets. Much like Merlin ensorcelled by the sorceress, Morganna Le Fey, what we share can be our own undoing. Loose lips shink ships.

In ages past the secrets of magic, in its myriad forms, were often protected by oaths sworn at the time of the passing of wisdom from initiator to initiated. Today information has become such a commodity that it is taken for granted as something freely available. I have met many a would-be sorcerer who believed all they needed was a google drive full of pirated pdfs to learn all of magic. Something is not given for nothing, so goes an aphorism from the Grimorium Verum. This line often gets overshadowed by the demonological hierarchies but these words ring true for many if not all magical pursuits. Magic is not a given, it is earned.

I like to share enough to peak interest, but I have my own secrets I keep, particularly involved with my necromantic and goetic work and my cartomantic practice. The way of the alchemists proves to win, that the best secrets are implied not written, and only discovered through the work itself. Praxis without theory is just play, and theory without praxis is just self-indulgence. Too many seek to only learn enough to try to monetize their practice, an issue all hobbies have under late-stage capitalism, but one that is particularly insidious in the online occultosphere. This issue is a primary reason why oversharing should be avoided when it comes to knowledge that has been hard won. Not everyone we meet is worthy of our secrets.

Make what you don’t say glaringly apparent enough and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will catch it.

Astrologically, Saturn is the ruler of secrets and occult things and can be considered one of his more “benefic” gifts. When Saturn is will disposed in a nativity it can indicate a person with a natural talent or interest in the esoteric, particularly if configured with Mercury and Mars, which can be a sign of a sorcerer of a particularly diabolic variety. Saturn, who rules all boundaries, also rules oaths and their enforcements for sets the outer boundaries of our cosmos as instructed by the Sun who allows such a dim and smaller star a sphere about his own. The importance of secrecy often comes from our mistakes, rarely is it a pleasant experience. Saturn presents us with many of the most difficult lessons in our life, often through tribulations that test our limits. Patience is of utmost importance when undergoing Saturnian trials. Something is not gained for nothing.

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