Maria Miles

Alchemist, Witch, and Diviner

Maria Miles is an alchemist, witch and diviner, specializing in cartomancy and traditional astrology. She has been studying these arts collectively for 16 years, beginning as a teenager. What began as a personal endeavor of self discovery has become her primary vocation as a professional astrologer. She has been seeing clients professionally for six years for cartomancy and astrology consults.

She aims to integrate traditional techniques and philosophy into the lives of modern people, asking the same questions that humans have always asked.

Maria is an accomplished witch and sorceress who offers tutelage and advice to those clients with an interest in the occult. Her studies of magic have ranged from traditional witchcraft and folk-cunning to astrological image magic and the crafting of talismans she sometimes has available for sale. All magica materia is limited edition and only available when the stars are right and the proper rites have been observed. She approaches her consultations from a holistic angle aiming to uplift her clients by promoting a mindful consideration of fate. She lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States where she has lived for twenty years