A Fool’s Errand: An Esoteric Blog

Over the years I have shared my thoughts and research on magic, witchcraft, demonology and divination on different sites and platforms but now that I finally have my own, I think it’s about time I start sharing my work in article form once again. There will be no hard schedule for posts here, they will happen when they happen as inspiration and time permits. I will be covering topics pertaining to my areas of expertise and interest, namely: astrology, alchemy, ceremonial magic, Christian mysticism and Mariana, cartomancy, tarot and traditional witchcraft. There is no particular order to the program, I will let spirit guide my hand. May these words, dear reader, find you well, at peace, and preserved against harm.

And Never Depart from your Precepts: The Sun as God and King in Astrology
"And if you want to see god, consider the sun, consider the …
STFU: Magical Secrecy in the era of the panopticon
Of the powers of the witch, secrecy has become one of much …

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