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All readings, excluding horary, begin at an hour long consult and can be added on at the client’s discretion or as time is needed based on the requested analysis.

$200 USD is the baseline hourly rate of my work with additional time by 30 increments added at $100 USD apiece.

A 90 minute reading would be $300 USD, a 120 minute consult for $400 and the max length of 150 minutes at a price of $500 USD.

Consults longer than 150 minutes will have to be broken up into multiple meetings depending on what the client wishes to achieve from them.

All fees are able to be made in split payments, with an initial payment needing to be made following the finalization of booking, and the remainder being due at the time of the consultation.

Disclaimer and Refund Policy

All readings are intended purely for entertainment purposes and are not diagnostic or prescriptive in nature.

Because of the time spent on each individual client refunds will not be given if a client is unable to make a reading. Missed appointments can be moved to another date and time that works for the individual

Payments are only accepted via Venmo, PayPal or Cashapp at this time

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