Natal Consultations

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Natal Consultation

The most common of consults are those that observe the birth chart of the client. What do your stars say about you?

The nativity is our guiding light in this life, whose radiance enlightens every corner of our lives. From the birth chart we can discover the personality, the career and vocational interests and romantic patterns. The natal consults is the first reading a person should get when first approaching astrology for the sake of having a background understanding of the promises of birth.

Prospective clients can expect to receive a depth of analysis driven by their own interests. The natal consult is a conversation between astrologer and client to get the most accurate account of the life of the client in its entirety: past, present and future.

Natal consults are 60-80 minutes in length for a price of $200 USD. All first time clients must begin with an assessment of their birth chart prior to any other consults offered here.

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